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App Store Is Tweeting


In addition to a dedicated Facebook page launched last year, you can now follow App Store via a new Twitter account that went online on the micro-blogging service early Tuesday.

Found at and graced with a verified account emblem,  it’s a legitimate Twitter account belonging to the one Cupertino company.

Apple’s mobile software bazaar which recently celebrated ten billionth download, on Twitter had about 90,000 followers at press time. That’s a considerable following considering it’s been out there for less than 24 hours.

In its first tweet, the App Store team is promising followers a chance to subscribe to updates related to new app arrivals:

Welcome to App Store on Twitter! Follow us to discover new apps, get exclusive offers, and share with friends.

The tweet also includes the handy #appstore hash tag to mark the tweets related to App Store on Twitter. The new App Store account joins Apple’s other services that have a presence on social networks, like iTunes accounts on Twitter and Facebook.

In addition, the company on Twitter maintains other accounts dedicated to media content sold on the iTunes Store, like iTunes Trailers, iTunes Podcasts, iTunes TV, iTunes Movies and iTunes Music. Fans can also track iTunes content via nine regional pages on Facebook.

Interestingly, links to apps in App Store tweets are being handled via the domain (belonging to Apple), not or other URL shortening service. The links land on the iTunes Preview section on Apple’s site that provides information about an app without requiring you to launch the resource hog that is iTunes.