HTC on a Hiring Spree, Needs Public Relations Managers to Tackle Media


HTC, a fast-growing Taiwanese maker of Windows Phone 7 and Android handsets, is on a hiring spree. In order to fend off rivals and flex its marketing muscle, HTC is now looking for public relations managers. By the looks of it, HTC?s growth is forcing the company to look for new people in all places. One of those places appears to be in the role of Senior Corporate PR Manger.

While this title may seem a little unimportant, these people are the ones that drive the public perception of the company through PR releases and public appearances of company executives. Furthermore, their most important role is to field questions that the public or media may have to make sure they are well informed and taken care of.

This is mostly to build good will between the company and the public and is usually seen as a fairly stressful but at times rewarding job. In addition, a company of HTC’s size needs more aggressive marketing and better public relations. Let?s look at the key points that HTC asks of their PR managers:


In this role, you will work very closely with our senior executive team on managing our corporate leadership planning and executive communications while driving our global non-product communication strategy. This role will work closely with the regional and global PR teams, product marketing and our executives, coordinating messaging with external partners while driving HTC?s story. In addition, the Senior Corporate PR Manager will be responsible for:

  • driving positive perceptions of HTC
  • develop programs that differentiate HTC from its competitors
  • be a public spokesperson to media, the blogosphere, at various public events, industry parties, or other opportunities
  • write, edit and create a variety of materials used to reach consumers, including blog posts, messaging frameworks for spokespeople, and more
  • define and deliver the success metrics used to measure the performance of HTC?s global PR programs
  • collaborate well with a variety of internal regional and global teams, including brand marketing, product marketing, product development and others, to identify and maximize global PR opportunities
  • effectively work with the regional and global teams to manage a vast global network of agencies, with a willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done
  • drive process efficiency and planning for the global PR team

HTC needs someone to actually hold their product public relations members accountable. We have tried countless times to contact HTC through various PR channels and have been consistently stonewalled at every angle. The simple fact is that HTC may make a decent phone, but they are currently terrible at PR, infamously so. If HTC is trying to improve their PR relationship with the press, we absolutely welcome this move? because god knows they need it.

Source: HTC