G-Slate Tablet With 3D Display and 3D Video Recording Due on T-Mobile in Spring

T-Mobile’s G-Slate is up for a Spring launch and you should care because it has a 3D display and a stereoscopic video camera that shots 3D clips in 1080p. Unfortunately, you’ll need an ugly glasses to enjoy your content in third dimension.

Tuesday afternoon, both T-Mobile and LG shared details about the upcoming G-Slate, their foray into the crowded tablet space. The device is a network exclusive and is said to pack in serious bang for the buck.

The gizmo should wow tablet fans and 3D aficionados with its 8.9-inch capacitive multitouch display that supports 3D and a rear-facing stereoscopic video camera that shots 3D clips in 1080p (full HD).

Unfortunately, it’s not an auto-multiscopic display so you’ll need special glasses, pictured on the right, to enjoy your 3D videos and experience 3D HD content. The announcements doesn’t make it clear whether active or passive glasses are needed.

One of the stereoscopic rear-facing video cameras also doubles as a five-megapixel camera with LED flash for taking photos. Other features include 32 GB of built-in storage, an HDMI port to output video to 3D HDTV displays in 1080p, streaming live TV, in addition to gyroscope, accelerometer and adaptive lighting sensors.

The gizmo is powered by Google’s sleek Android Honeycomb operating system, a dual-core processor and Nvidia’s Tegra 2 chip. It supports T-Mobile’s fourth-generation HSPA+ cellular network available in a hundred metropolitan markets (works over WiFi, too). T-Mobile plans to double the speed of its 4G HSPA+ network in this year and expects that 140 million people in 25 major metropolitan areas will have access to these increased 4G speeds by midyear.

The carrier wouldn’t reveal specifics behind the silicon and it hasn’t detailed screen resolution beyond stating it supports 720p video playback. The G-Slate will arrive this Spring, but T-Mobile wouldn’t reveal price points or data plans at the time of this writing. The carrier did stress that the G-Slate marks the arrival of "G-series of devices," meaning we can expect more Android 3.0 tablets on their network in the future. You can register for product announcement’s from T-Mobile on their G-Slate mini site.

Source: T-Mobile USA