Glass-less 3D TV From Team ACX Hitting US Shores Soon

In a recent press release a company named Team ACX announced that it has chosen a nationwide distributor for the Vibrante 3DX-24, their auto-multiscopic (i.e. no glasses needed) display 3D HDTV.

You may not have heard much about Team ACX before, but that will change if their 3D HDTV performs as well as they claim. The selection of a distributor might not be the most interesting news in the world, but it does signify that glass-less 3D is one step closer to fruition.

Glass-less 3D is not a new concept and other companies have demonstrated working prototypes before, albeit to a less than warm reception. Common complaints about these early examples have been fuzziness, out-of-focus picture and minimal 3D effect, pushing these prototypes more in the direction of ?proof of concept? than finished product.

Team ACX looks to change all of that with their Vibrante 3DX-24 3D HDTV. The company chose to work with AMD during the development cycle of the 3DX and therefor it is safe to assume that the display will be AMD HD3D compatible. This should serve AMD well, giving them the bragging rights of glass-less 3D, currently not a possibility with NVIDIA?s 3DVision and it?s requirement for active-shutter glasses.

With AMD wanting to make a big splash in the PC and home 3D market, this display might be their largest weapon against a firmly entrenched competitor. There has been word of a joint press event with AMD sometime next month, most likely to serve as the official launchpad for the product. You can count on BSN to be there and bring you up-to-the-minute information.