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Is This Tron-esque Bumblebee the Official Android 3.0 "Honeycomb" Branding?

Google is making a lot of noise about Android 3.0, the first Android release fully optimized for tablet form factors. Although the search monster has been teasing us with this promo video and a bunch of big, beautiful screenshots, we’re still left in the dark about the software’s complete feature set and the official branding. If a beta software development kit (SDK) of Android 3.0 is any indication, Google could be breaking away from its usual, food-themed Android visuals from previous Android releases (Froyo, Donut, Cupcake) and adopt a new Thron-styled branding.

The blue bumblebee image you see below, which has apparently been found in the Android 3.0 SDK, is a likely candidate for the official logo. Makes sense, if you ask us. The use of the worker bee suggests Android 3.0 is a tablet operating system for real men looking to use their tablet for heavy lifting rather than limit themselves to enjoying their media, which is what the pundits have been criticizing the iPad for.

The bumblebee’s robot head is 100 percent Android while the blue styling appears to be in line with Android 3.0’s Tron-like user interface. There’s no way of telling whether this is the real thing until Google employees drop a giant bumblebee onto the front law of their Mountain View headquarters.

What do you think? Is this someone’s nicely photoshop’d joke or the real thing? Meet us in comments.

Source: Phandroid