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Video: RIM Shows Off Secure BlackBerry Bridge Tethering on the PlayBook

Canadian smartphone maker Research In Motion has been saying all along that tight integration with its BlackBerry family of smartphones will be one of the key strengths of its BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.

On Tuesday, they held to that promise by showing off some of the business-centric features of the forthcoming tablet in a demo video, included at the article bottom.

One such treat is a secure wireless connection between the tablet and your BlackBerry phone that lets you access your corporate network and data without fiddling through a special VPN connection. When in this mode, you can also view Microsoft Office files and even access Flash-enabled dashboards like SAP BusinessObjects Explorer on your tablet, RIM stressed.

Called BlackBerry Bridge, this connection mode pairs your PlayBook with your BlackBerry phone using a secure Bluetooth connection. Any changes you make to your inbox, contacts and calendars on the PlayBook tablet will seamlessly synchronize with your corporate network and trickle down to your phone. The main idea here is to allow for a temporary access to your corporate data without having to purchase a separate cellular data plan for the tablet.

The wireless connection between the two gadgets is protected using industry-standard encryption, so businesses can rest assured their corporate data is safe when travelling over short distances between nearby devices. In addition, when you end a BlackBerry Bridge connection, all copies of temporarily synced corporate data will be automatically deleted from your PlayBook tablet.

RIM hopes the BlackBerry Bridge feature will help set its PlayBook tablet apart from the iPad 2 and the crop of Android slates. And by playing on its undisputed credibility with businessman, RIM also hopes to keep rivals at bay and protect the corporate space it owns.  

Source: The Inside BlackBerry for Business blog