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Sample iPad-Only "The Daily" on Your Computer, for Free

A lot of noise was made yesterday about The Daily, Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation’s much-hyped digital newspaper exclusive to iPad. The media magnate said at a press event at the Guggenheim Museum (check out BSN’s coverage) that the publication was meant to redefine journalism in the digital age. We walked away feeling he may be on to something here.

And while The Daily is not for everyone, many people are wondering why all the fuss. Unfortunately, one needs an iPad if one wants to consume The Daily. But if you’re just curious about The Daily’s content, journalistic approach or editorial position, you can sample individual articles without an iPad, on your computer.

Just follow a couple of links, included below, that lead to web-formatted versions of their iPad counterparts. Remember, these are stripped down versions of the highly interactive content served through the app, so you’re only getting the headline, one image and text and none of the media richness and interactive experiences offered through the app, such as live updates, beautiful layouts, 360-degree panoramas, image galleries and interactivity bringing all those pieces to life.

Right now, there’s no such thing as the web version of The Dail. The official site promotes the app and runs blog entries from the team. However, The Daily app for iPad includes social features that let you email articles or share them directly with your Facebook and Twitter friends. Whenever an article is shared via the app, a unique URL is generated that allows anyone with the link to access a web-ified version of the story in their browser.

While The Daily app for iPad is a free download from the App Store, it requires an affordable subscription that costs just 99 cents a week or $39.99 for a year. You can also sample The Daily for two weeks free of charge thanks to a partnership with Verizon Wireless. Readers can choose to be billed upfront for a one-year subscription or once a week. Apple’s iTunes chief Eddie Cue said at the unveiling this new recurring subscription feature will be available to other publishers as well, promising to disclose full information in due time.