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µTorrent Remote Posted, the Perfect Remote Torrenting Companion for Android

If you’re like me, you’re constantly downloading various torrents and your download queue is never empty. The problem is, managing your downloads requires that you be at your computer, which isn’t always the case.

Being an iPhone boy, I can only wish there was an app for that, but there isn’t. In the Android camp, however, a bunch of remote torrenting apps are available that make an avid downloader’s life a tad easier.

µTorrent Remote is one such app and it comes straight from BitTorrent Inc, the maker of the lightweight, cross-platform µTorrent client for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. In fact, it’s the team’s first Android app ever.

The program lets you remotely manage your torrent downloads while away from your computer. It includes features like adding, pausing or removing torrent downloads on a computer, checking the status of any torrent in the download queue or updating and adding torrents from RSS subscriptions.

And because µTorrent Remote registers as a .torrent handler, you can browse and add torrents to the download queue from your Android phone. Heck, you can even transfer save and play any completed download from your PC right to your Android handset – how cool is that? The µTorrent Remote app for Android works in conjunction with µTorrent 3.0, currently in alpha and available on Windows.

The µTorrent 3.0 Alpha is a web-enabled client that can be accessed from anywhere at, provided you have created a free login account. The Android app uses these login credentials and takes advantage of remote web access  to enable advanced remote torrenting capabilities. µTorrent Remote for Android is a free download from Android Market and is available now.

Source: BitTorrent