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Amazing Concept Hints Things to Come Out of Nokia-Microsoft Deal


What you’re seeing at the article bottom could be the first Nokia phone running Windows Phone 7 software. Engadget has it "on good authority" that the jaw-dropping rendering depicts a possible device that could actually be in the pipeline. It might, however, also be a test balloon to gauge public feedback as Nokia’s engineers mull their inaugural Windows Phone device.

The envisioned gizmo looks like a high-end consumer phone and the choice between three vibrant colors – pink, black and blue – certainly supports this theory. Although Nokia in the past wowed us with similar concepts which break away from their usual form factor and the overall look, this is beyond being different.

Evidently, the marriage between sleek Windows Phone software and Nokia’s eye-catching phone design, build quality and camera performance could strike a chord with a lot of consumers and renew interest in the Nokia phones. The Finns desperately need Windows Phone’s media capabilities, snappy performance and distinct user interface and Microsoft’s market power won’t hurt either. There’s no doubt in my mind that Nokia should greenlight a device like this immediately. Frankly, the company needs to get its inaugural Windows Phone device right as the whole industry will be checking out the fruits of the Nokia-Microsoft partnership with great scrutiny.

The only unknown at the moment is whether Nokia will switch to Nvidia silicon with Windows Phone devices. The ramifications of Nokia’s hardware design, Microsoft’s overhauled mobile operating system (admit it, Windows Phone 7 is much better than Symbian) and the Tegra 2 platform could give the Finnish cell phone giant a much needed boost in times when they’re betting on the Microsoft deal as their ticket to relevance.

Source: Engadget