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BlackBerry Maker Teams up With WorldMate, Launches Travel App

With BlackBerry being the world’s third largest smartphone platform, ahead of Apple’s iOS and just behind Google’s Android, it is uncommon to see that a single app gets large recognition by its maker.

BlackBerry Travel - Jointly developed app by Research in Motion and WorldMateFaced with pressure to enhance the usability of BlackBerry devices beyond business and teen communication, Research In Motion is heavily investing into more practical applications. One such "practical app" is WorldMate, used by millions of users of numerous smartphones.

On Mobile World Congress 2011 in Barcelona, RIM introduced BlackBerry Travel, an expanded version of WorldMate, offering information on flight changes, cancelations, e-mailed itineraries – but also ability to search and book hotels, rental services, real-time currency converters etc.

This new platform is probably a good test for RIM – if the App proves to bring income to the house, and starts rivaling Expedia, Travelocity and others, it isn’t unimaginable that RIM would actually swallow WorldMate. After all, the strength of the platform relies on the diversity and usability of the content that runs on pretty and somewhat-less pretty hardware.