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Ten Crazy iPhone nano Mockups Plus Fake Unboxing


Apple didn’t attend Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain but the company wasted no time to keep themselves in the news, with a little help of friendly media outlets like The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg. Conveniently, just as the Barcelona show had begun Apple resurrected the aging iPhone nano rumor. Mainstream newspapers ran tidbits about a rumored inexpensive, smaller iPhone model said to be sold alongside its bigger brother to counter the Android onslaught.

As always, Apple die-hards jumped on the opportunity to envision what this new iPhone might look like, photoshoping dozens of mockups that range from you-gotta-be-kidding-me to where-do-I-sign-up. We’ve compiled the finest renditions we could find on the web and included them below for your viewing pleasure.

As beautiful as those mockups are, a kid from America has outdone them all with a fake iPhone nano unboxing video, embedded right below – file it in the fan’s paperwork drawer. You can even make the complete iPhone nano set yourself to amuse your friends by following directions on his site under the Downloads section.

Don’t forget to check artists’ iPhone nano renditions using page navigation in the drop-down menu at the article bottom. By the way, if you’ve stumbled upon a stunning mockup on the web, please share it down in the comment section.


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Credit: Tyler Hoyberg

Credit: iOSboy

Credit: Jeremy

Credit: DorianDarko

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Credit: Matthew Johnson

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