Amazon Spoofs iPad With Latest "Book Lives On" Television Commercial


Online retailer Amazon has begun airing a new television commercial that indirectly pokes fun of iPad’s e-reading capabilities. Specialized e-reading devices like the Kindle are far better for enjoying digital publications and electronic books on the go than media tablets like the iPad with their inadequate LCD displays, the advert suggests. This benefit is clearly shown in a scene when a woman inside a bright-lit cafe has trouble reading what’s on her tablet’s screen.

The Kindle has no glare, the commercial says, it’s easy to read in bright sunlight and has battery life of up to a month. The $139 e-reading gizmo is thin and lightweight, "lighter than a paperback," the advert says. Breaking away from the previous stopmotion adverts, however, Amazon may have gone too far using the footage of young and smiling hipsters dancing around for no apparent reason, prompting a YouTube commenter to note:

OK, I love my Kindle too, but this commercial is ridiculous. WHO would run and jump? with friends holding a Kindle in hands. 

The commercial also shares a couple of head-turning stats, like over 800,000 electronic books available on the Kindle Store. If you’re wondering about the song in the commercial, it’s "Sweet Talk, Sweet Talk" by The New Pornographers.