Samsung Energizes Mobile Computing with Next-Gen RAM Memory: 12.8GB/s!


One of big performance differences between the world of PC and mobile is the speed of memory. While desktop computers offer a vast amount of memory bandwidth – CPUs get dual- or even triple-channel memory with 25.6GB/s, with graphics from AMD and nVidia commading in hundreds of gigabytes per second (record holder is AMD Radeon HD 5970 = 256GB/s), the world of mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets run on low-power memory with bandwidth on a level of PC computer from around year 2000. Yes, 11 years ago.

Samsung's 50nm manufacturing process was used only for high-end products such as this GDDR5 memory, used in world's fastest graphics cardsIn order to address the situation, Samsung has just stepped up the plate and offered a Mobile DRAM chip manufactured in 50nm process technology. This is the same process used for manufacturing of world’s fastest DRAM chips (GDDR5 memory) and now it will be used to manufacture ultra-high performance mobile DRAM as well. If you’re wondering what kind of performance are we talking about – new Mobile DRAM chip develops 12.8GB/s, or eight times the bandwidth of current mobile products (1.6GB/s).

If you worry about power consumption, don’t: manufacturing DRAM in 50nm was reserved for high-end PC memory until recently. This new mobile DRAM consumes only 13% of electricity needed to run a 1.6GB/s chip. Yes, you get eight times the bandwidth and save 87% of power, which is now in dire need (with the upcoming switch to single-core to dual- and quad-core chips such as Nvidia Tegra 2/3 and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 2).