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Mark Your Calendar: Apple Officially Launching iPad 2 Next Wednesday

The guessing game is over – Apple has just issued a cool media invitation to select members of the press. The media has been invited to a special event to be held next Wednesday, March 2, in San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. This is the same venue Apple used to launch the iPad a year ago, introduce new iPods and make other important announcement in the past. The press conference is scheduled to take time 10:00am. In other words, iPad 2 goes live a week from now.

The latest development means there’s no substance to the yesterday’s rumor asserting alleged production difficulties said to have pushed back iPad 2 and iPhone 5 until June and September, respectively, although with Apple nothing is certain until the company formally releases pricing and availability details.

Apple is famous for its teasing invitations and this one doesn’t disappoint. Featuring a big calendar image akin to a system application icon found in both iOS and Mac OS X, the calendar is slightly curled in the upper right to reveal a tablet beneath it. "Come see what 2011 will be the year of," reads the tagline, humorously hinting at newspaper headlines proclaiming 2011 as the year of tablets. BSN is going to bring you a remote live coverage of the unfolding, as it happens.