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White iPhone Coming This June?

You must be sick and tired of all the excuses and broken promises relating to white iPhone 4, but bear with me for a second. The mythical handset makes little sense at this point because iPhone 5 is around the corner. Nevertheless, the California-based gadget maker is apparently adamant to reward fans who have been patiently awaiting for the white iPhone model.

Asian trade publication Digitmes is quoting a Chinese-language Economic Daily News report claiming Apple has decided to go with touch panel maker Wintek as the sole supplier for the white iPhone 5 model. Moreover, current supplier TPK Touch Solutions may take a back seat as Wintek could become "the leading touch panel maker worldwide in 2011 as Apple plans to focus on white models for the iPhone 5." Apple should unveil a fifth-generation iPhone at its annual developers conference in early June.

Angry fans have been slamming the company for dropping the ball with white iPhone. Truth be told, any other company would have released such a product a long time ago. Most would probably keep one eye closed to any trade-offs between the user experience and the need to make profit. But Apple is unlike other companies – no product escapes Cupertino until it meets exact standards of its perfectionist boss Steve Jobs. The rumor mill gave a number of reasons for the white iPhone delay, ranging from the visible cracks in its white enclosure to the inability of Apple’s suppliers to match the snow white shade of the home button to that of the casing.

Apple itself contributed to the mess by officially delaying the gizmo twice. Then finally another Steve, Steve Wozniak, in a recent Engadget Show pointed his finger at light leakage which affects camera performance as the primary issue that has been keeping Apple from releasing white iPhone 4 to manufacturing.

Source: Digitimes