Kingston Launches 24GB DDR3 Memory Kit

It might be cold in Hannover, but the amount of news coming out of (still) the world’s largest electronics show is typically overwhelming. Kingston as the world’s largest memory manufacturer introduced three new memory kits optimized for requirements set forth by Intel’s Core i7 990X processor and the refreshed X58 motherboards.

Kingston's New DDR3-1600 kit comes in Black color... while the competition is introducing Blue modules, long-term trademar of Kingston's HyperX

The company teamed up with GigaByte in order to optimize the performance for the refreshed X58 platform, which is now back in the peak of interest thanks to the billion-dollar SNAFU called Sandy Bridge Chipset Recall. We received statements from Tim Handley, GigaByte’s Deputy Director of Marketing and Mark Tekunoff, Senior Technology Manager at Kingston both praising the long standing cooperation between the two companies.

HyperX T1 Black DDR3 triple channel memory kits are available in flavors of 6GB, 12GB and 24GB. 6GB uses 2GB modules, while 12GB and 24GB kits both use 4GB DIMM modules. The memory works at 800MHz in Double-Data Rate mode, hence the DDR3-1600 designation. Latency is the same for all modules: 9-9-9-27. The "T1" in its name comes from support for 1T Command Rate, a rare feature these days.