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New Battlefield 3 Game Play Video: Bad Part of Town

Today EA has shown us their newest trailer for Battlefield 3. This video is the first unedited and uncut video that EA has shown fans. In the past, the majority of these videos were a series of chopped scenes that were cut into a very fast paced quick edit style that really had no substance other than to tease. This first video was shown to fans on Feb 22nd, now EA has decided to release a full length version which is much less edited.

This new video is part of a series of videos as part of the Fault Line Series. Episode One is the first installment of these teaser game play trailers and this one is titled Bad Part of Town. As one can see, the local is the Middle East, more specifically Iraq. The nice thing about this game is that EA has not opted to go too far into the future nor go too far into the past like they had with games like Battlefield 2142, and Battlefield 1943. Admittedly, games like Battlefield: Bad Company 2 were basically set in the present? but they lacked the wholesome warfare that many experienced Battlefield gamers have expected.

After watching the video, you can see that EA and DICE have gone for ultra realistic by implementing a relatable timeframe as well as realistic graphics and movement. The use of the new Frostbite 2 Engine is one of the biggest reasons why the game looks so realistic especially with the player movement and lighting. Needless to say, after watching this video anyone can agree that Battlefield 3 will not only be extremely fun to play but also ultra realistic as a result of its game play style, graphics and physics engine, and copious amounts of real life cursing.

Part two of this series is due March 16th. Hopefully we will see more about this game during this week at GDC as this was technically a GDC announcement.