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GlobalFoundries Starts a Hiring Spree for its New York Fab Operation

GlobalFoundries is finally beginning to post job openings for their new facility in Malta, New York. This facility is pegged to be one of the biggest fabs in the world using 22nm process node (and beyond); is called nothing more complicated than Fab 8 (Module 1 opens in 2012, in future we might see Modules 2 and 3). This facility is expected to bring the area approximately 4,300 jobs and actually bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States which is considered to be an uncommon and rare thing in an age of constant off-shoring of American jobs and manufacturing.

Following GlobalFoundries’ facebook yields (no pun intended) a series of new job postings for GlobalFoundries, most of which are located in the New York State, concentrated on East Fishkill, NY and Malta, NY. The East Fishkill team is formerly known as AMD?s CPU silicon team, working inside the IBM East Fishkill plant, as a part of GlobalFoundries-IBM-Samsung Common Platform Alliance. That team is expected to be working on x86 and ARM SOI designs. On the other hand, the Malta team is the team that will actually be working at Fab 8 and manufacturing all the different wafers for customers. That is why most of the Malta job offerings are along the lines of titles like ‘Semiconductor Facilities Technician’ and ‘Research Integration Manager’.

As you can see below, GlobalFoundries is not only open for business but actively expanding their business. Hopefully these job postings will lead to some new announcements regarding progress in fabrication processes as well as more customers for the New York operation.