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Microsoft Pleads: Please Stop Using Internet Explorer 6


Microsoft is pleading for users to get off their old IE6 browser. They have mounted a campaign "Friends don?t let friends – or even acquaintances ? use IE6."
Microsoft's security banner proposal for webmasters if IE6 is detected.
Microsoft’s security banner proposal for webmasters if IE6 is detected.
The company is urging web developers to post a banner on their website encouraging visitors to switch. There is even a tweet #ie6countdown. If you are one of the diehard users who cling to IE6, you have probably noticed a decline in your ability to access all the features of some sites.
Security was a big issue with the older version. Microsoft even admits the faults of the browser version that is a decade old. In a comparison chart showing the differences between IE6, IE7, and IE8, the IE6 column reads: lacks advanced security features, newer versions are more reliable.

Microsoft Reccomends migration to Internet Explorer 8 or the upcoming Internet Explorer 9

Many corporate entities are lagging behind, so Microsoft Services offers an Internet Explorer 8 Migration Workshop. They also offer training on Windows 7 and Office 2010 to bring companies into a more contemporary working environment.
Around the world, people continue to fire up Internet Explorer 6 to access web-based information. Developers have moved on, but users can be stubborn. According to Net Applications, as of February, 2011, China makes up 35.5 percent of world wide IE6 users. South Korea comes in at 24 percent, India 12.3 percent, South Africa and Hong Kong total 16 percent, while Japan, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, and Vietnam make up 41% combined. Norway at 0.7 percent is the closest to closing the door and moving on.
Internet Browser Market Share in 2010: IE6 still captures 12% of the market

Microsoft indicates that IE6 is only the choice of 12 percent of all surfers worldwide, while Net Market Share reports that considering all versions of Internet Explorer, Microsoft knocks down a hefty 56.77 percent share. Comparatively, Mozilla Firefox has 21.74 percent.
Every since Tim Berners-Lee published the first web page in 1991, people have needed a way to surf the Internet. The graphical interfaced Mosaic broke ground. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 1 was included with Windows 95 Plus!, followed by Internet Explorer 2 which supported both Windows and Mac. The familiar logo arrived with IE3. IE 5.5 shipped with a standard encryption strength of 128-bit. IE6 captured the market, held its own, and is still hanging on after ten years.
Microsoft's Internet Explorer 6 CountdownThere is a dichotomy in the computer world. Everyone stands in line to be the first to buy the latest iPhone and they rush out to get the newest tablet, but they hang back when it comes to browsers. Well, get ready, change is coming, and you?ll be forced to give up yet another MS favorite, XP. You?ll need to be on Windows 7, to upgrade to, yes, another new browser from Microsoft – IE9 is on its way.