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OCZ Expects to Report 100% Increase in Revenue

Today, OCZ Technology Group (OCZ), announced that their expectations for fiscal 4Q 2011 (calendar 1Q 2011) would be nearly 100% higher than the same quarter of the previous year (fiscal 2010, calendar 2009). Their expected revenues are anticipated to be $64m, up from $32.4m in the very same quarter a year ago. Furthermore, revenues for the fiscal year 2011 are expected to be $189m, $55m higher than the year before which raked in $144m.

Breaking down OCZ?s business we see that the company?s SSD business is continuing to take a larger and larger share of their business as it is expected to bring in $58m in revenue. That accounts for nearly 90% of their revenue. This continues to prove that OCZ?s move to focus heavily towards SSD products in the past is paying off, we had told you before. This also represents an increase of $17m over the previous quarter or 41%. Factoring in the previous year?s figures for SSD revenue, you can also see that OCZ has made a huge shift from $12.1M in revenue for the SSD business segment to the previously stated $58m which represents a nearly 400% increase in that business segment?s revenue. OCZ also stated that the SSD mix of business for Q4 is expected to be 7% consumer, 78% server, and 15% enterprise and is generally consistent with previous quarters. This simply means that SSDs are still very enterprise oriented and that OCZ has expanded their business in a linear fashion.

OCZ also detailed that as expected, their DRAM business significantly shrunk as expected as the company began to focus more towards SSDs. This seems like a fairly reasonable move for OCZ at the given moment considering that most DRAM prices have been rock bottom. OCZ used to be a DRAM company as was evident by their 50% of revenue share in fiscal 2010 shifted towards an expected less than 20% in fiscal 2011. In order for OCZ to remain successful with such a large part of their business in SSDs, they need to make sure that they cater to their business base until they can create affordable mass market SSDs that OEMs would be willing to buy by the thousands. Eventually, OCZ?s business could grow significantly if they can increase the amount of revenue that their consumer division can bring them. The problem, though, is that they are likely to see competition from other storage companies in the enterprise space and could possibly lose some revenue in the coming quarters. This is primarily due in part to the fact that enterprise/server SSDs make up 83% of the entire company?s revenue.

As a result of OCZ?s beating analysts? expectations with their updated outlook, OCZ stock is up over 16% or $1.29 on the day at $9.19.