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Epic Publishes an "Epic" Unreal Engine 3 DirectX 11 Demo


In aftermath of last month’s Game Developer Conference in San Francisco, Epic Games published an official video showcasing their implementation of DirectX 11 inside their Unreal Engine 3.

The demo was built using Unreal Development Kit called "Samaritan Real-Time", showcasing just what is possible today, using contemporary graphics processors. In order to show that this demo is actually something you can use, the video was a teaser for new features available in the updated Unreal Development Kit, which you can download today.

You can see the video of Samaritan below and the only thing we’re left wondering is… if game developers would not have to support the substandard hardware such as Intel’s GMA graphics, how would the games of today actually look? The fact that PlayStation 3 games today run on a cut-down GeForce 7800GTX only brings more food for thought.

In any case, just click play and enjoy.