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Apple iPad 2 Stripped Naked: Evolution, not Revolution

Just like everything else, Apple’s release of iPad 2 was completely shadowed by the terrible earthquake and subsequent tsunami that hit Japan.

According to iFixit, iPad 2 is very easy to disasseble
According to iFixit, iPad 2 is very easy to disasseble

Still, the experts of repair over at iFixit picked up an iPad 2 and decided to take it apart, as usual. We got contacted by Miroslav Djukic, Director of Technical Communication and linked us with a preview article which is live now.

iPad 2 Motherboad: A4 and A5 processors both share the same external package, thus the only separation point was the number "5"

In the article, you can see iPad 2 being stripped naked to the tiniest component. We saw that some of the components are directly taken from the original iPad, with no changes whatsoever. Then again, if it ain’t broken – why change it?

For the last image, we leave you with the look of the iPad 2 as it was prior to being put together and shipped from Shenzen port towards rest of the world…

Apple iPad 2 stripped bare: all components in one single shot. Photo credit: iFixit

What are you waiting for – click on iFixit link for more iPad 2 porn.