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Where to Follow Japan Earthquake and Tsunami News

Japan suffered world’s sixth most powerful earthquake since earthquake recording started. An 8.9 degree quake raised a tsunami which is currently alerting all the countries in Pacific Rim.

Tsunami passes the Sendai AirportThe damages are quite incredible and a stark reminder that we all live on living and breathing planet. Regardless of how self-aware we have become, we all live on a planet that is continuously shifting and unfortunately, this is not the last "Big one" we can expect into the future.

North-East of the country was heavily industrialized, with numerous facilities such as six Sony plants, Mitsubishi Chemical and many more – first reports we received from our readers in those facilities were that the workers are ok, and that there was no structural damage, as those facilities were built to withstand worst possible natural disasters. Still, our reader reported that "the interior of the fab shook violently and there were components flying around as large palettes dropped on the factory floor."

You can follow the live streams from world leading agencies, and we’ve selected a few that are dedicating their program to covering the situation:

Al Jazeera Live Video Stream
Al Jazeera Live Blog on Japan
BBC Live Video Stream
CNN Breaking News Page
Associated Press

Our thoughts and prayers are with our readers and all the people in Japan and all the countries that will be affected by the Tsunami which is currently hurling across the Pacific.

We hope that the worst has passed.