Antec Enters Speaker market with Brilliant-looking 2.1 Set


In the wake of Global Financial Crisis, many companies expanded from their core business and ventured into markets unknown with often half-baked product. Popular computer component maker Antec is taking a different route – the company planned a slow expansion from its core business of building personal computer-related products such as computer cases and power supplies. Firstly, the company introduced Kuhler series of CPUs, partnering with companies such as Asetek on building a liquid CPU cooler.

Antec SoundScience Rockus 2.1 Speaker setHowever, the launch of SoundScience brand is "something completely different". Antec is launching a speaker line-up, starting with Rockus 2.1. The company decided not to rely on plastics in an effort to lower the cost, but rather ventured into the field of building a speaker set from anodized aluminum. Press release claims that by taking the aluminum route, "satellite speakers reduce vibration and minimize distortion in clear mid and high-range sound."

SoundScience Rockus 2.1 speaker setup brings 150 Watts of power, divided into 25 Watts per satellite and 100 Watts for the subwoofer. The interesting bit about the subwoofer is that Rockus uses passive radiator, reducing its size.

The set splits the listening mode into two: gaming and 3D mode, with 3D mode being a virtual surround sound mode dubbed 3dsst. Music mode is of course – as clear as these speakers can get.

In order to control the 3D and Music mode, as well as loudness, Antec designed the fourth component of the set; Remote Control Pod. This pot features a large volume adjustment knob, 3D/music mode selection and connectors.
The speakers come at a price, though. Antec is quoted to ask $249.99 for the set. Given that Antec considered plastic as the plague for the satellites? we’ll see.