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Good News from Japan: Elpida is Back in Operation

Given that we’re bombed with bad news coming out of Japan and the insecurities about the status of Nuclear plants in Fukushima Daiichi, it is a rare occasion to see a positive press release coming from the country.

We received news that Akita Elpida Memory Inc., DRAM packaging and testing facility resumed operation for the first time since the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami hit. The factory did not suffer physical damage thanks to Japanese ultra-strict building codes, and the plant wasn’t exposed to tsunami tidal waves. However, the facility was hit with the power outage which lasted until recently.

The company is slowly ramping up packaging and testing to enable millions of DRAM chips to be shipped out of the country to the ever-hungry market (peak output is 15 million packages per month). Elpida informed us that the management reacted to the quake and had 90% of packaging and testing outsourced to overseas locations.

It’s a small glimmer of light in a dire situation, but it is still good to hear some good news. We’re glad to hear that over 400 employees are back to work.