New Battlefield 3 Gameplay Video: Good Effect on Target

Today, EA and DICE have released another game play video for the much awaited Battlefield 3 game. Yet again, it details the single player aspect of the game and helps build the storyline for the game. This video is part two of the series titled Fault Line which supposedly refers to an area of Iraq that lies upon a fault line.

This video was supposed to be released today, March 16th, and like clockwork EA produced it to the public. The first video, seen here. Shows some other similar surroundings but with a different goal.

After having watched the video, we wouldn’t necessarily say that this video wowed us much or that it was any better than the leaked video or the first part of the series. We still are hoping that Part 3 will be perhaps a little more exciting and that is supposed to be shown on March 30th. The one good thing, though, is that these game play videos are trying to show how realistic this game is and how much research DICE and EA have put into the game to make it as realistic as possible. Hopefully it results in an awesome finished product.