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Acer Plans to Ship up to 7 Million Tablets, Aims 10% Market Share in 2011


Following the AT&T decision to carry Iconia Tab A501 4G tablet, Acer’s Chairman and CEO J.T. Wang raised 2011 sales forecast and expects to capture 10% of market share worldwide. According to report in Digitimes, the company landed a contract with AT&T for the A501 4G Tablet, with the negotiations with Verizon Wireless are under way for Iconia Tab A500.

Acer Iconia Tab A500 - Can this Tablet sell in seven million units in this year alone?According to J.T. Wang, Chairman and CEO of Acer Group the company wants to ship 5-7 million tablets in 2011, or capturing around 10% of market worldwide. The announcement comes fresh after J.T. Wang famously stated that iPad tablets will be reduced to 20-30% of worldwide market. Most of bloggers and shallow media coverage focused on the lucidity of the statement, while J.T. Wang obviously wanted to imply that he expects to see the tablet market exploding and surpassing the PC market.

Company’s strategy is to bring both Android (Axxx) and Windows 7 (Wxxx) based products onto the market. According to sources close to heart of the company, Acer is adopting the same aggressive strategy which worked well in notebook and later netbook segment, with the only major difference being that the main target for the tablets are telco operators, rather than the distributing chain itself.

However, for non-subsidized devices, Acer will take full advantage of their extensive distribution chain, solving the RMA/service issues that smaller companies are facing when entering the market.