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First Duke Nukem Forever Review is Out!


You’ve waited for more than a decade, grew older, finished your education, got a first job, maybe a second one, moved away from parents – but there was one thing you could not do: played Duke Nukem Forever.

The very first review of Duke Nukem Forever is finally out, but it is not in the form you might have expected. Australian Government Classification Board reviewed the game and rated it MA15+, i.e. appropriate for teens older than 15 years. Furthermore, AGCB released a following consumer advice: "strong violence, sexual references, crude humor and drug references."

This Duke Nukem Forever review is available in the PDF format but we have to warn you that it consists spoilers that might reduce your gameplay experience. Then again, if you weren’t sure on the quality of this upcoming hit release and feared that Take 2 somehow watered down the legendary game character – go ahead and read it.

Personally, I can’t wait to play a character which is far from being perfect, unlike the politically-correct commandos from game franchises such as Battlefield, Call of Duty, Unreal Tournament, Gears of War and the like. Duke swears (like real characters in previously mentioned franchises would react, rather than being inhibited), pisses (literaly), draws, provokes? he even took a dump on bosses head in the first game.

Following the theatrical success of Expendables, the time of testosterone is coming back to computer games as well. June 10 world-wide, June 14 in the States. And for some controversy,watch this first person video as a soundtrack.