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Opera 11.10 Is Out, Pokes Fun at Apple, Microsoft and Google

Opera Software announced Opera 11.10, the latest and greatest version of the browser that some folks say is the most featured and accomplished out there.

The latest stable build enhances the Opera Turbo feature that compresses web pages so they load faster on mobile devices.

Opera Turbo, which relies on Google’s WebP project, should work even faster.

There’s couple of more under-the-hood tweaks plus a nice promo footage that pokes fun of Apple, Microsoft and Google.

Take the Speed Dials feature, which now  you put as many sites on the new tab page as you like.

Additionally, you can set the number of columns and the size of thumbnails. Other tidbits include updated support for CSS3 and HTML5 to make your favorite web apps run better, the closing effects on the browser tabs in Mac OS X.

The company also pitched a new promotional video, even issuing an amusing press release detailing how they spent the $8,517.26 ad budget. "We see our competitors doing million dollar campaigning on TV and on billboards, and we?ve been so impressed that we decided to put budget into a little something-something ourselves", the statement reads.

Opera 11.10 comes in flavors for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux and you can download it here.