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AMD Needs Android Developers, Eyes Google Android on Fusion APUs?


While the former CEO of AMD did his best to completely demolish the mobile business units, new management is eyeing to enter the tablet market. For starters, AMD is on a brainhunt. The scale of the brainhunt is unknown, since the job listing only states that the company is looking for "Linux Driver Development Engineer".

What makes this position interesting is that "the prospective engineer will work with the Linux Base Graphics Team, to deliver an updated video driver stack that can be used on Android operating system while keeping in line with the current development trends in the Android ecosystem."

If this listing is for a single job position, we’re afraid that following the hiring, AMD won’t be present in the Android space for approximately 12-18 months. Then again, it just might be that AMD needs some fresh blood in the Linux engineering department, as the company endured brain drain and had issues recovering from departures of people such as Matthew Tippet, Linux guru who created the 24 display array (Eyefinity 24) and later joined Palm.

The story of AMD and the mobile space is ultimately the reason why Dirk Meyer got the boot from his comfortable position of Chief Executive Officer. The company tied itself with Nicholas Negroponte and in the process of developing OLPC, invented the netbook computer, only to completely drop both non-profit, commercial and consumer versions of the product. Furthermore, AMD sold ATI’s mobile business unit to Qualcomm, not just losing Nokia as a customer, but also giving Qualcomm solid ammunition in their yesteryear war versus Nokia. There were numerous mistakes AMD did, but the board of directors finally did one right – and ousted Dirk Meyer.

Seems that under old-new management, AMD is solving the internal issues and putting resources to prepare the attack on all fronts. One person might not do it, but if AMD dedicates more resources to the growing community, we might even see a Fusion-powered tablet on one of upcoming tradeshows. Competition is always good for the consumer.