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AMD Refocuses VISION Brand in tune with Upcoming Fusion Processors

With the impending launch of the desktop and mobile variants of the A-series Fusion APUs, AMD also plans to update their branding and logo stickers once again. According to a report from X-bit labs, the new products will not feature microprocessor branding. Instead stickers naming some characteristics about the CPU and GPU are added to the package.

Examples of New AMD VISION Stickers for upcoming Fusion processorsAccording to the materials released by our colleages, the new branding will heavily revolve around AMD Vision which is more or less product-agnostic. However there will be additional stickers denoting special capabilities. For example for a Quad-Core Llano APU, it will state "Quad Core and AMD Radeon Graphics." This effectively cancels AMDs previous plan to cut down the number of stickers on notebooks. New plan is cutting down the sizes of stickers, which in case of Turion 64 were really too big and confusing for the consumer.

Interestingly there are also stickers planned referring to "Dual Radeon Graphics" and "Quad Processor and Dual Radeon." We expect this to be the equivalent to Optimus technology by nVidia. It’s simply an APU paired with a stronger discrete GPU for higher graphics performance for gaming or professional applications. In some cases the integrated GPU and the discrete GPU can even work in tandem, as there has been leaked information that some Fusion chips will allow Hybrid Crossfire under certain conditions. The details of these features have not been officially disclosed by AMD yet.