Intel to bundle Liquid Cooling with Retail Sandy Bridge-E Processors?

At a recent Intel Developer Forum 2011 conference held in Beijing China, Benjamin Gould (Applications Engineer) and Dan Ragland (Staff Hardware Engineer) discussed past, present and the future of overclocking. While their focus relied on truly impressive overclocking capabilities of Sandy Bridge processors for both desktops and notebooks, one slide caught our attention.

IDF 2011: Intel considering boxing liquid cooling for SNB-E Generation
IDF 2011: Intel considering boxing liquid cooling for SNB-E Generation

According to the slide, Intel is considering bundling the upcoming Sandy Bridge-E processors with liquid cooling setup such as Corsair H50.

Realistically speaking, there are only two companies who could land a contract of this magnitude: Asetek and CoolIT Systems. The picture in the slide shows Corsair’s liquid cooling system designed and manufactured by Asetek, while CoolIT Systems recently announced cooperation with Corsair on future solutions. Regardless of who might get a design win (somebody from Far East?), companies involved cannot save a dime on the build quality of these parts – Intel bundling liquid cooling in their retail packaging could be a turning point for the liquid cooling industry as such, moving from high-end enthusiasts and people in the know to performance-oriented mainstream audience, a major sized market.

Intel Desktop Platform Performance Roadmap from week starting March 18th, 2011

Leaked Intel Desktop Platform Performance Roadmap dating mid-March 2011 reveals how SNB-E, i.e. LGA2011-based processors will position themselves on the market

If we take a look at Intel’s Desktop roadmap for the next several quarters, it is easy to see what potential impact could SNB-E have on the market. Intel plans to launch the LGA-2011 parts as both top-end, "Extreme" Core i7 parts and "Premium Performance" Core i7s.

SNB-E i.e. Sandy Bridge-Extreme will work out its way from the $370 all the way to $999 price bracket. Based on information given, Chipzilla from Santa Clara is preparing itself for the market and mind share impact of AMD’s upcoming FX series of processors. Bulldozers are coming, can Intel flush them out?