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AMD Readying Improved "Brazos" Fusion APU: Turbo Mode for CPU/GPU

During their earnings conference call, AMD’s executives proudly pointed out they’ve shipped over three million Brazos platforms. That means AMD delivered over three million Fusion APUs based on sub-10W "Ontario" and sub-20W "Zacate" APU cores.

AMD's sub-10W APU: OntarioFor Back to School period, AMD is preparing a new version of their Ontario APU named C-60. Just like the C-50, C-60 will tick at 1GHz (two Bobcat CPU cores), while the 80-core Radeon HD 6250 will operate at 280MHz.

Being based on C-revision silicon (C-30 and C-50 are based on "B"), C-60 introduces Turbo Mode for both the CPU and the GPU part. You’ll get a 33% increase in CPU clock to 1.33GHz, while Radeon HD 6250 will go from 280 to 400MHz. The most interesting part? Power consumption remains the same at nine Watts.

At time of writing, we had no information about the exact price (as this is an OEM part and the pricing is discussed directly), but our sources close to AMD indicate a 15-20% price jump for the C-60, depending on volume.

All in all, the 40nm Ontario is turning out to be quite a money earner for AMD, with TSMC churning out wafers in sequence. Second generation Bobcat is already in works and will utilize the 28nm process by TSMC. However, at 28nm node AMD will have an option to pick’n’chose between GlobalFoundries and TSMC, leading to more competitive positioning.