Maingear Unveils "EPIC", New Liquid Cooling System by CoolIT


In order to continue differentiating themselves from other boutique PC vendors, Maingear introduced custom maintenance-free cooling setup. Under the convenient name "EPIC" – short for Enhanced Performance Inter Cooler, CoolIT Systems designed the liquid cooling systems custom tailored to Maingear’s innovative computers such as the SHIFT.

Maingear SHIFT PC is now available with EPIC 180 liquid coolingSHIFT is now available with EPIC 180, a single 180mm fan integrated inside the chassis for a seamless operation, spinning at low sub-900rpm speeds. According to Wallace Santos, founder and CEO of Maingear, the EPIC 180 easily beats even the most powerful high-end air heatsinks at a fraction of noise and cost. The thermal resistance of the setup is just 0.075 degrees C/W (Celsius per Watt), meaning that even the extremely overclocked processors will have plenty of thermal headroom left. Given that Maingear delivers some models of SHIFT with Intel Core i7 2600K processor overclocked to a massive five Gigahertz, it is always good to have the best possible cooling setup.

According to Geoff Lyon, President and CEO of CoolIT Systems, "The EPIC 180 is the most aggressive cooling system we’ve ever built and we were delighted to work with the MAINGEAR team to create a custom built system that delivers the ultimate in silent cooling."

Furthermore, EPIC liquid cooling systems are available on the more affordable F131 gaming PC, as well as their compact series, the Vybe. EPIC 140 is becoming an option for the F131, while the most compact Desktop PC, the Vybe is getting a EPIC 120 treatment.

You’ve guessed it right; the difference is in the fan size, while the compact-sized pump with copper micro-channels remain the same. Now, the only wish we have is for Maingear to offer GPU liquid cooling, since these are exactly the parts that need to be silenced the most. Here at BSN*, hearing GeForce GTX 590 can be annoying sometimes, but nothing beats AMD’s Radeon HD 5970 and HD 6990 in terms of annoying whine. GeForce GTX 580 and Radeon HD 6970 take the cake though, especially in silenced, dual-fan versions from MSI.

We are currently testing the EPIC 180 in our labs as we speak… it will be part of our upcoming Maingear system review.