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Stray Luggage is Easier to Find with Wireless Gadget

Gadgets are showing up everywhere to make our lives easier. One cause of confusion and frustration inherent at every airport has been addressed by Naftali of Florida. A little travel helper I came across notifies you when your luggage is on its way as you wait impatiently in the baggage claim area.

An all too familiar sight for a seasoned traveller. Now, there is a gadget to help you out
An all too familiar sight for a seasoned traveller. Now, there is a gadget to help you out

easy2pick luggage tagA luggage tag affixed to your bag will cause a remote device on your keychain to beep, flash, and vibrate to alert you of your bag?s impending arrival. The remote is about the size of a key chain fob. It is specifically coded to its companion tag so you won?t be beeped by your neighbor?s bag. It is more discerning than having to spot that eye popping neon pink luggage tag you bought on a whim. Although you know your bag is within 90 feet of where you are waiting, you still must identify which of all those look-a-like black bags is yours as it speeds by.

This intelligent wireless tag supposedly knows to "go to sleep" once it is placed on the outgoing conveyor belt and put into the hold of the airplane. It won?t wake up and start beeping, flashing, and vibrating your remote until it is incoming on the luggage carousel. The replaceable battery that keeps the wireless gadget going is good for 100 hours. The Easy-2-Pick tag meets all TSA regulations and the wireless set is at Amazon for 24.95.

Naftali LED Baggage TagNaftali, who specializes in such travel goodies, also has a luggage tag that flashes in 16 combinations of four bright LED colors. Now that?s a luggage tag that will set your bag apart from all others. Naftali touts the flashing tag as a worldwide patented electronic device. The flashing LED tag has a built in photo electric sensor that knows when it is in the cargo department of a plane and when it should start flashing on the luggage carousel. It?s marked at an impulse toy purchasing price of $9.99.

Travel is fun – once you reach your destination and can kick off your shoes. Getting there, with your luggage at your side, can be a challenge. Perhaps these electronic gadgets will make that trip just a little easier, or at least are great ice breakers if you want to strike up a conversation with that cute stranger waiting silently beside you in the baggage claim area.