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Janet Matsuda Leaves AMD FirePro Team, Joins Egnyte


Roughly four and a half years ago, Janet Matsuda of SGI and Mercury Interactive fame joined then the newly formed FirePro team at AMD, which just acquired ATI Technologies. Then known as under the FireGL brand, the professional graphics unit of ATI Technologies wasn’t the part of the original purchase. In fact, it took AMD additional two quarters to acquire all the Intellectual Property and pull all the people in. One of key persons in that transition was a person chosen to lead the Business Unit.

Janet studied on University of Iowa and Harvard Business School, after which she joined Silicon Graphics. After 11 years at the company, Janet joined Mercury Interactive (now a subsidiary of HP) and was subsequently drafted by AMD to lead the Professional Graphics unit.

Even though she completely reorganized the unit, the Professional Graphics unit wasn’t exactly very high on the list of AMD’s priorities – especially given its market share. Even with all the resource restrictions, FirePro graphics team developed multi-GPU link with higher compatibility and efficiency than Quadro SLI, brought Eyefinity Pro to the market and introduced world’s first Remote GPU. We interviewed Janet on couple of occasions and were always greeted with an honest attitude and promise of nothing else but hard work on improving the product technology.

Given AMD’s track record and new orientation on Fusion (AMD, how about rebranding Llano APUs as Opterons and selling them as Opteron APU with FirePro Graphics? Ed.), Janet chose to return to her role as a Marketing executive, and has joined Egnyte as of this week. Egnyte is a cloud computing technology company dedicated to solving the cloud storage dilemma. Time will tell why Janet chose the cloud instead of pixels, but we wish her all the best in the future career.