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Cypherbridge Demonstrates Secure Wireless Developers Kit for POS Kiosks


Embedded systems and M2M (machine to machine) communications are a daily occurrence. If you have ever been to a public parking lot, gotten a ticket to enter, and upon return, inserted that ticket into a payment kiosk, swiped your credit or debit card for payment, and finally insert the authorized ticket into the exit kiosk, you have encountered an M2M system.

Cypherbridge Systems Architectural OverviewSecurity of our credit cards, ATM cards, and pre-loaded ISO-7816 smart cards is a vital component of every POS (point of sale) system. This is especially true when they are communicating by wireless.

Cypherbridge Systems of Carlsbad, California software stacks are targeted at small-to-medium memory applications, where space, power and performance are carefully balanced. The basic software solution is built around the uSSL public-key infrastructure security and encryption stacks.

Georgia Power represents a prior model year design for cellular M2M telematics to power meter. This year’s model uSSL software stack takes it to a new level, adding security protection for smart meter using a low-power 32-bit ARM Cortex M3 processor like the ST Micro STM32F217.

Georgia Power's Power Meter uses Cypherbridge technology and 3G/4G Wireless Infrastructure to wirelessly collect information on consumed power
Georgia Power’s Power Meter uses Cypherbridge technology and 3G/4G Wireless Infrastructure to wirelessly collect information on consumed power

Cypherbridge?s product portfolio includes security and device management solutions to enable a broad range of connected device applications, integrating embedded device, communications networks, and back office servers for interoperable, scalable and secure end-to-end systems.

Cypherbridge has developed the AK200 POS Terminal application. This is a turn key, dual layer, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and USSR Secure Communications developer kit to add a secure small stack to vending systems, smart parking meters, laundry facilities, coffee kiosks, and even smart electric meters for next-generation electric grids.

Cypherbridge showed BSN* a working demo system with credit card transaction processing built around the Wyless Group secure wireless data network for M2M communications.

Demo system using T- Mobile 3G/4G GSM network transport
Demo system using T-Mobile 3G/4G GSM network transport

Cypherbridge’s uSSL protocol includes self-test support for integration, test, and compatibility verification. uSSL includes a network adaptation layer to integrate with a variety of wired and wireless networks. The industry proven uSSL embedded security library and SDK provides the low-footprint MCU based security foundation, implementing SSL/TLS encryption and hash algorithms to connect with cloud-based transaction servers.

Cypherbridge AK200 POS Terminal application has a Payment Clearing House module. In partnership with a leading payment clearing house, the POS client application is pre-tested with transaction servers. The uSSL security layer and client application work in tandem to securely process authorizations and transactions. A range of transaction models can be used including standard swipe, P2PE (Point to Point Encryption), or hosted payments depending on the business model.

We are sure to see more and more emphasis placed on secure wireless cashless transactions similar to what Cypherbridge has developed.