Hewlett Packard to Replace USB with… Wi-Fi?

Poor USB standard isn’t living through best days. Intel is attacking the standard with proprietary Thunderbolt, and now HP is launching their first mouse that connects to your PC via Wi-Fi.

HP Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse is world's first Wireless Fidelity mouseIt might be the case of manager who lost one USB dongle too much for his/her mouse and ordered that the problem gets solved, or the engineers finally managed to solve the conundrum of having an active Wi-Fi connection for data connection and peripherals (ad-hoc?) at the same time.

HP did not disclose how they managed to solve the Wi-Fi problem, the only thing that is known is that the company is bringing a $50 laser mouse (1600 CPI sample rate) to the market that promises to get rid of USB dongles and connect directly to your laptop by using an active Wi-Fi connection. You need to run Windows Vista or Windows 7 (preferred OS), though.

Wireless mouse features five programmable buttons and a 4-way scroll wheel. Very impressive part of the specifications is a claim of nine months of battery life.

According to the company, the Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse will arrive to global markets during June 2011.