Netflix Arrives for Android

If you?re one of the Android users that has been long waiting for Netflix to finally come to Android, then today could be your day. The reason why it may or may not be your day could depend on the model of your Android device. That?s right; Netflix?s app is actually hardware specific meaning that your phone determines whether or not the app will work on your phone.

Generally speaking there aren?t very many if any android applications that are hardware specific since most applications are more catered towards certain versions of Android rather than hardware specifications. But there?s one very specific snag that caught Android up in the quest to obtain Netflix streaming capabilities. That snag was the fact that Android as an OS did not have any native DRM capabilities and did not support the protection of streamed content. So, in theory, if there was no DRM then people would be able to rip off those streamed titles illegally. This is where Qualcomm stepped in and worked with Netflix to create an app that harnessed Qualcomm?s hardware with Netflix?s software to provide a solid and safe solution that everyone could agree on.  If you notice, all but one of the phones on that list run on Qualcomm Snapdragon processors which is what enables the DRM protections to facilitate Netflix on Android.

So, all you have to do in order to get the application is to navigate to this page and make sure your phone is on the list. Once you?ve done that you can click the link to get to the Netflix App and download it and login to your Netflix account. Its as simple as that and we hope that this will further facilitate you to never miss a single show or movie ever again, or perhaps just quell some boredom while waiting.