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OCZ Debuts New 3.5" SSD For Enterprise Market

Given the staggering rate of Solid State Storage adoption in Enterprise segment, we’re not surprised to see companies diving into the market. In order to keep the staggering rate of growth in the business, OCZ Technologies introduced a Solid State Drive for SME.

Under the name Talos, the company launched a 3.5" SSD which utilizes SAS 6.0 Gbps connector to achieve higher transfer rates and reliability than on conventional SATA standard majority of users utilize. Talos drives pack couple of PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) with multiple unmentioned SSD controllers (SandForce for Enterprise? OCZ’s own Indilinx?) connected via OCZ’s Virtualized Controller Architecture. The capacities on offer are 200GB, 480GB and 960GB, but the company isn’t excluding other models – given that Talos will debut in 2.5" factor as well.

OCZ Talos - a 3.5" Enterprise Grade SAS SSD

In order to keep the price on adoptable level, Talos utilizes 25nm MLC NAND Flash chips, which are brought up to required enterprise level of reliability by using ECC (Error Checking and Correcting), PFM (Power Fail Management), TRIM and SCSI TCQ (Tagged Command Queuing). We haven’t heard about entetprise-level TCQ being used on a Solid State Drive, thus this is a welcoming introduction.

Given that current SAS installed user base of is measured in millions of units, switching to a SAS SSD might be a better way of achieving your ROI than switching to a new infrastructure. Naturally, while upgrading is a natural sales pitch, new businesses might profit from using a Talos SSD as a caching hard drive. Here at BSN*, we’re currently knee deep in storage products given the upgrade cycle in our video studio and server side, and we’re seeing the level of progress SSDs made in the past two years.