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Samsung Electronics Expands: Enters Southeast Europe Market

Although Samsung has had great success in the tablet and mobile phone market with their Samsung Galaxy Tab and the excellent Samsung Galaxy S II, which we had a chance to try out during this year?s Mobile World Congress, they are not the only representatives of Samsung?s mobile technology. While Samsung’s notebooks are already familiar to a large part of our readers, they are still not available in many regions, including Southeast Europe.

Samsung Enters Retail and e-Tail market in South Eastern Europe
Samsung Enters Retail and e-Tail market in South Eastern Europe with dedicated retail outlets and campaigns

While one part of the company is busy dealing with Apple and their law suit, the other one is focused on entering new markets. At this week?s press event in Zagreb, Croatia, Samsung announced that store shelves in the newly conquered region will hold the new 10.1" NF120 and N145P netbooks, as well as the 15.4"/17" RV508, RV509/709, and RC510 notebooks. We have no doubts that the NF120 and N145P netbooks will be very successful, due to their low price, sleek design, and ten-hour battery life. However, the RV508, RV509/709, RC510, and RV518 notebooks are screaming for an upgrade – they are still waiting for their Sandy Bridge and USB 3.0 versions. On the other hand, Samsung is promoting new software enhancements, which guarantee longer battery life, shorter boot time and easier file sharing.

As this is only a fresh entry into a new market, we believe that Samsung will put some Sandy Bridge notebooks on the shelves by the end of the third quarter, rounding up the offer for the region.