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Amazon to Enter Tablet Market with 7" Tegra 2 and 10.1" Tegra 3


According to rumors coming from the Far West, Amazon is entering the tablet market with two models codenamed Coyote and Hollywood.The company is taking a two-fold approach – tablet codenamed Coyote is based on Ventana Development Kit and is planned to run Tegra 250 SOC, combined with a 7" screen. This is a no-frills tablet which is expected to hit the smaller tablet companies the hardest. The target price is around $300 and besides the customized user interface, the tablet will come with full Kindle application.

nVidia Ventana Development Kit: The reason why Tegra gathered so many design wins in short time
nVidia Ventana Development Kit: The reason why Tegra gathered so many design wins in short time

On the other hand, under the codename Hollywood, Amazon is bringing all the bells and whistles to the market. First off, the company wants to be the launch client for nVidia Tegra 3, codenamed Kal-El. This quad-core A9 powered SOC will be joined by 1GB of working memory, 16GB of onboard storage and 10.1" panel. We’ve been cited $499 price for the baseline version, as the unit is subsidized by Amazon themselves (Kindle).

Just like Kindle, the device offers a seamless online connection for Kindle books and the company is working behind the screens to reach the level of inter-operation as RIM enjoys with their BlackBerry smartphones. Yes, we are referring to world-wide data roaming which is the main reason tens of millions of business users live with Blackberry rather than other smartphones.

The company is still working on selecting the appropriate displays for the product, but our sources are telling us the most likely candidates are 7" with a somewhat high resolution of 1024×600 (instead of typical 800×480 or 960×540), while the 10.1" model will feature HD Ready, 1366×768 pixel resolution display. We’re trying to get a confirmation is this model going to offer auto-stereoscopic 3D image from companies such as MasterImage 3D and SHARP or is this high-resolution panel going to be 2D only.

In any case, you can expect launch in July/August timeframe, in time for Back To School shopping bonanza in the North America.