Miramax Signs Up: Kill Bill Coming to Netflix

Many popular Miramax films, such as Kill Bill with Uma Thurman and Pulp Fiction with John Travolta, will be available through Netflix. The two companies entered into a five-year, $100 million deal. Beginning in June, Netflix online streaming service subscribers can pick from hundreds of Miramax titles.

Scary movies such as Scream, Halloween, as well as stories with a more sophisticate bent, such as The Piano and Academy Award Best Picture winners, Shakespeare in Love, and The English Patient will be available. The movies can be viewed on multiple platforms, including TV, tablet, computer and mobile phones.

Shakespeare in Love - One of hundreds of movies available from Netflix from June 2011 onwards

Shakespeare in Love – One of hundreds of movies available from Netflix from June 2011 onwards

At least 200 devices stream from Netflix in the US with many also available in Canada. Mike Lang, CEO of Miramax said: "This agreement is an important first step in our digital strategy." Prior to the announcement, Joe Patrick, formerly of MGM Worldwide Television Group, was appointed Senior Vice President, Head of Domestic Television & Digital Sales at Miramax.

The movie distributor/movie rental deal is a big step that the investor group, Filmyard Holdings who bought Miramax from Walt Disney is hoping will help repay their $660 million investment. Netflix stock price (NASDAQ: NFLX), however, moved less than a percent following the announcement.

Miramax has three new releases in 2011: The Debt, starring Helen Mirren, who appeared in 2006 in another Miramax release, The Queen; Don?t be Afraid of the Dark, starring Katie Holmes, wife of the star of Eyes Wide Shut, Tom Cruz [there?s a joke in there somewhere], and Last Night, with Keira Knightley, Sam Worthington and Eva Mendes.

If you haven?t already watched everything Netflix offers, better get going before many new titles will be coming at you next month.