ex-GlobalFoundries VP Jon Carvill to Lead Intel PR Smartphone Division


Couple of weeks ago, GlobalFoundries lost Jon Carvill, their VP and Head of Communications. This was quite the hit for a rising player in the semiconductor foundry business. Jon Carvill was a member of ATI Technologies, stayed with AMD and then was shifted to lead GlobalFoundries after AMD split into AMD and MAD AMD, i.e. Solutions and Manufacturing companies.

There were wild rumors going around that Jon Carvill is going to join Intel, which had quite a lot of backing. Chip giant from Santa Clara recently lost PR edge with departures of George Alfs (retirement after 27 years) and Nick Knupffer – shifted to APAC Region of the world. Combine the loss of two great PR managers with the fact that the public and partner perception of Intel as a smartphone and tablet player in "also ran" category is something the company had to act upon.

As such, hiring Jon Carvill was just a logical thing to do. Jon will lead the smartphone/tablet communications and we expect quite a lot more feedback from Intel when it comes to ever-growing mobile devices business.

Intel recently announced 32nm Saltwell, 22nm Silvermont and 14nm Airmont microarchitectures that will lead the company’s charge in the phone business. After all, the only smartphone design win so far is Nokia’s N9 smartphone, which will feature MeeGo operating system and an Intel Atom ticking at 1.2GHz. Given Nokia’s decision to cancel their involvement with both Intel strategic partnership (including Atom SoCs and MeeGo OS), this was an empty win. The situation will change dramatically and somebody needs to organize the team in order to deliver the message and make sure press and the general public gets proper information.

In any case, we wish Jon all the best in his future career. He’ll have a lot of work on his hands.