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Richard Huddy to Leave AMD?


Following the departure of Janet Matsuda, AMD’s Professional Graphics chief, we heard that this could be not the only departure that deserves some notice.

AMD Game Ready and Game Ultra Programs haven't enjoyed the same level of success as nVidia's TWIMTBPAfter talking to several people close to the heart of the matter, we first received whispers and now off-the-record comments  that the outspoken manager of AMD’s Worldwide Developer Relations is rumored to be leaving the company…

Known as Richard "The Don" Huddy, he was the first DevRel manager to hit the limelight following his much public departure in 2002, leaving nVidia to join ATI Technologies. Following the AMD takeover, Richard stayed with the new company and worked hard inside AMD to raise awareness of just how important Developer Relations actually are.

While ATI and latter AMD did not invest in game developers as much as nVidia and Intel, the DevRel team always worked hard to support the gamedevs to the best of their abilities. We heard a lot of praise from the people we talked with, varying from senior executives at Microsoft to numerous game developers – credited for helping in development of 16 games. One of running jokes in Microsoft was that when you need to talk to a person about DirectX, they need to call Richard over in UK.

Furthermore, "The Don" has also been running his own company, cryptically named Code Mafia. We don’t know where the author of popular "Dating Tips for Geeks" is going to encounter next, but we hope that breaking of this story will not cause the author of these lines to wake up next to a horse head.

Richard did not return our calls at press time.