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Crack Your BlackBerry: ElcomSoft Launches BlackBerry Backup Explorer

Cryptology experts from ElcomSoft just launched Blackberry Backup Explorer, a forensic tool that gives you complete access to all the key information stored in Blackberry backups.

ElcomSoft BlackBerry Backup ExplorerJust like their previous security applications, ElcomSoft released yet another forensic application that helped the law enforcement first and now is available for general public as well. According to ElcomSoft, you can access even password protected backups if the original password is known or recovered with ElcomSoft’s Phone Password Breaker (available separately). BlackBerry Desktop Software is not required for operation.

The company states that 40% of North American market of business communications and about 20% worldwide is utilizing BlackBerry devices, putting the need to restore access to data you might have lost at the top of the list for business needs.

There are two versions available, Standard Edition for $49 and the Professional Edition for $199 (local pricing may vary). You can also download the trial by clicking on the following link:

ElcomSoft Blackberry Backup Explorer Trial Version