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Xi3 Launches "ChromiumPC", Chrome OS Powered Modular PC

Xi3 Corporation decided to jump on the Chrome OS bandwagon and announced that their modular PC architecture will launch in second half of 2011 with SUSE Linux, Windows 7 Embedded/Home Server or Chrome OS (i.e. Chromium OS).

Xi3 Architecture based computers will launch on July 4th; to feature Windows 7, SUSE Linux and Google Chrome operating systems

The company got a lot of recognition for its unique concept of designing a computer out of three modular motherboards, each containing an independent subsystem which should enable you to design a computer powered by an x86, ARM or FPGA silicon. For the initial design, in 2008 ISYS Technologies announced collaboration with AMD. Three years later, modular Xi3 Architecture launched on CES 2011 held in Las Vegas, NV.

Three PCBs (Printed Circuit Board) are fitted inside a compact anodized aluminum cube (101.6 x 92.8 x 92.8 mm). Initial sales are strategically planned for July 4th, Independance Day in the US. Xi3 ChromiumPC is a home to low-power single- or dual-core x86 processor. Even though the initial design was based around AMD Athlon 64 processor, given the EOL status of many Athlons and Phenoms, we believe that ChromiumPC will feature Llano-powered AMD Fusion APUs.

We view Xi3 architecture as one of ways to go in the era which many doom sayers call "beyond PC". This level of innovation clearly shows what is possible when affordable PC components are approached with innovation in mind. By going modular with both hardware and software, Xi3 is trying to find its place under the Sun. We certainly hope they will find it.

Personally, I’d definitely like to put this cube through its paces.