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3D Vision Glasses go Wired, Price down to $99

Around CeBIT 2011, nVidia announced the price reduction for the standard wireless 3D Vision glasses (from $199 to $149), as well as decreased the price of the second pair to $99. In order to address even more markets, the Santa Clara-based company is releasing $99 wired glasses.

One of difficult design decisions nVidia made with their first 3D Vision glasses was the type of battery. Instead of going el cheapo like Panasonic 3D glasses (which feature a removable, non-chargeable battery), nVidia went with non-removable, chargeable Li-Ion battery which enabled longer autonomy and simplified recharging via a simple USB cable.

nVidia 3D Vision Wired Glasses

In order to get into a more attractive price point, on Day Zero of Computex Taipei 2011, the company launched more affordable 3D Vision glasses. Besides the 3.3 meter, 10-foot USB 2.0 cable, 3D Vision glasses now have a redesigned casing (no need to accommodate the battery) and they’re now lighter on the head. Also, 3D Vision Wired brings flexible material which should enable better grip. If you need extra security, especially for public demonstration – 3D Vision  Wired Glasses support Kensington lock as well.

According to nVidia, their primary goal of the product was to make the technology more affordable and enable LAN Party gamers to play games in 3D all the time, without the need for recharging. Our take is a bit different, and that was that the upcoming glasses from AMD’s HD3D camp targeted the $99 price range. You’ve guessed it why – those HD3D compliant designs we know off were wired.

Given that nVidia is still selling the 3D Vision wireless glasses kit for $149 and a second one for $99, we naturally inquired company spokesperson about a situation where user would want to buy more than one set of wired glasses, but received no answer at press time. We’ll update the article when the company responds.

If you’re interested in the product, the 3D Vision Wired Glasses will come to multiple distribution chains (retail, e-tail) by the end of June.