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MasterImage 3D Teams up with TI, Launches CELL Reference Tablet


In order to get the developers and win as much design wins as possible with their autostereoscopic 3D bandwagon, MasterImage 3D introduced CELL Reference tablet with high-resolution displays such as 4.3" LCD running 960×540 pixels, 7" running 1024×600 and 10.1" featuring 1366×768 pixels. Needless to say, seeing higher than standard 7" and 10.1" resolutions is a welcoming sea of change in the world of mobile displays. The company needs to utilize the highest resolution available, as the resolution effectively halves when 3D content is enabled.

When we saw the first development kits from MasterImage 3D (on GTC 2010), the company had a tiny 3.1" Display running at a very high 854×480 resolution. Yes, that was a 316 PPI screen i.e. higher than iPhone 4. The hardware below the screen was running nVidia Tegra 250 Harmony Kit. For cell, nVidia and expected Kal-El hardware was missing.

Instead, MasterImage 3D opted to work with Texas Instruments and their proven OMAP4430 SOC. PandaBoard Development Kit is now hidden behind the tablet’s screen and offers a great deal of performance needed to offer seamless 3D experience.

Roy Taylor, Former VP of nVidia and current VP of MasterImage 3D stated that their choice of Texas Instruments was expected. The company needed a partner with a proven track record in all the targeted industries, and this $14 billion revenue giant is just what the doctor ordered. MasterImage 3D is targeting airline, automotive and consumer electronics experience and in order to do just that, the company is showing numerous 3D movie titles and games, as well as impressive 3D user interface from Finnish innovative research team, Rightware.

All in all, good progress from a company with a hard to pronounce technology: Cell-Matrix Parallax Barrier. But after seeing the tech with my own eyes, all we can tell you is – yep, it’s something special. We hope to see more product design wins with this screen. We know of at least one manufacturer that is preparing a lot of devices using MasterImage 3D. After all, capital arm of that firm recently invested 15 million dollars in MasterImage 3D.