HP Touchpad, webOS 3.0 Powered Tablet Seen At Computex 2011


HP is scheduled to have their Discover 2011 event In Las Vegas, June 6 to 11 with headliner Sir Paul McCartney. Rumor is that the event will be the official introduction of the Touchpad. Gadgets Magazine took the wind out of that one at Computex 2011 with a video of the HP Touchpad in the SanDisk booth.

SanDisk is a hardware partner for HP and it is likely the company is making the storage inside the Touchpad. The Touchpad video appears to have the latest build of the web OS 3.0.

The video shows how fast the Touchpad transitions between orientations landscape and portrait, and how fast apps are launched and closed. One of the more interesting applications shown is People Magazine’s developed for the Touchpad. The SanDisk demo person started the app in a three column layout in landscape and then rearranged it into a two column skinny mode.

 The demo shows the contacts page that aggregates all methods of getting your contacts in one place. Thus your e-mails and Facebook along with other social media contacts are all together. This feature was first shown in the February introduction that BSN* wrote about. As a refresher course, here are the final product specifications:

HP Touchpad Specifications: Qualcomm Snapdragon 2 Processor at 1.2GHz, high resolution, weighs in at less than 1 kilo